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By: Eleonor Valeros | Published Friday, January 17, 2020
Officials from San Miguel Food paid Governor Gwen Garcia a visit to assure her that they are only selling chicken products and no pork during the Sinulog celebration.

Representatives of San Miguel Foods Corporation, Inc. paid Governor Gwendolyn Garcia a visit on Friday, January 17 to inform her that they have not brought in pork products to Cebu as part of their sponsorship deal with the Sinulog festival organizers.

Romelinda Garces of the company’s marketing divison in Central Visayas assured the Governor that they comply to Capitol’s pork ban policy.

San Miguel Foods initially was set to sponsor P3 million for Sinulog 2020 comprised of P2,750,000 in cash and P250,000 worth of products.

“Processed food products include chicken hotdogs and chicken nuggets only, not pork,” Garces clarified.

Garcia said in a press conference on Thursday, January 16, that pork, pork products and any other meat commingled with pork products are unacceptable in Cebu as her pork ban order remains in effect.

“They don’t want to appear as though they are smuggling into the event questionable products,” Provincial Veterinarian’s Office chief Dr. Mary Rose Vincoy, who joined the meeting, said in an interview after the meeting. 

During the meeting with SMFC officials, Garcia asked them to source their pork products that they manufacture locally, instead of importing it from other provinces, especially in Luzon where their manufacturing happens.

This way, Garcia said they will be giving the business back to the locals who are the ones giving them business, especially the Cebuano hog industry.

“They were also asked by the governor to work in the direction of the Province which enjoins food franchises operating locally to source out their raw materials locally,” Vincoy added.

Garcia issued Executive Order (EO) 23 last November 6, 2019 which prohibits the entry of all meat, chicken, fish, or any other food products that have been commingled with pork, pork-related products and by-products from all parts of Luzon. 

“It is hereby declared unlawful for anyone to bring into the Province of Cebu any and all kinds of meat, chicken, fish and any other kind of food product, in whatever form or quantity they may be, that have been commingled or stored in the same cold storage facility with pork and pork-related food products and by-products from Luzon,” the EO reads. (Eleanor Valeros)