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By: Sugbo News | Published Friday, February 07, 2020
After her meeting with the officials of Cebu Ports Authority and ferry operators, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia issued a follow-up Executive Order No. 5-A outlining the protocols for seaports in preventing the spread of 2019-nCoV. (Photo: Junjie Mendoza)

After airports, The Cebu Provincial Government has also strengthened its seaports against the 2019 novel coronavirus Acute Respiratory Disease (2019-nCoV ARD).

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia issued a follow-up Executive Order that laid down the procedures in the entry of international and domestic ships in the Province.

In Cebu Province, there are 135 ports according to the listing of Cebu Ports Authority, 37 of which are in the local government units the province's jurisdiction.

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has signed EO No. 5-A on February 6, a follow-up to her first EO No. 5, this time establishing precautionary measures that should be followed by both cargo and passenger vessels.

For International vessels, no ships who have been to China, Hongkong and Macau 14 days will be allowed to dock in Cebu Province unless cleared by the quarantine team.

The vessel must raise its yellow flag upon arriving at the quarantine anchorage to alert the members of the quarantine team. The quarantine team will board the vessel and will check the crew for signs and symptoms of the 2019-nCoV ARD.

No crew will be allowed to disembark from their vessel once docked and no one is allowed to board the vessel except the quarantine team.

"Vessels cleared at the first port of entry and arriving in Cebu, which within the past 14 days travelled from China or any of its Special Administrative Regions must be boarded at the designates quarantine anchorage by the Quarantine Team, submit a duly accomplished Maritime Declaration of Health and other pertinent documents," Garcia's EO reads.

"Once disembarking crew members have been identified for quarantine, the Protocols for Quarantine under Section of Executive Order No. 5 Series of 2020 shall be followed," the EO reads.

The head of the vessel is expected to report if one of the passengers of crew manifests flu-like symptoms so that the person may be brought to a DOH hospital.

The Philippine Coast Guard will also inspect private yachts docking at any port to determine if the yacht has been to China or any of its Special Administrative States in the past 14 days.

"If so determined, the procedures and protocols for entry, ban, or quarantine as defined under Executive Order No. 5 Series of 2020 shall apply," the EO reads.

All vessels are required to make hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and face masks available for their passengers. #