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By: Eleanor Valeros | Published Friday, March 13, 2020

Supermarkets and grocery stores in Cebu heed the call of Governor Gwendolyn Garcia to sell just two bottles of rubbing alcohol per customer to ward off “long queues of panic buyers.”

In a meeting last March 13, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia called on supermarkets and pharmaceutical operators to make the sale of “two bottles per customer” a matter of procedure and to help inform the shoppers that goods from Manila will still be allowed entry in Cebu, so that stocking up on goods is unnecessary.

Garcia got the assurance of the Cebu Port Authority in the same meeting that though goods from Manila will be subject to protocols set for seaports, there is no ban on the entry of supplies.

Police Brig. Gen. Albert Ignatius Ferro, director of the Police Regional Office 7, assured that hoarders will be arrested and case filed.

As for Cebu-based International Pharmaceuticals Inc., an established manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical and consumer products, it assured of the steady supply of rubbing alcohol as it goes on a 24/7 operation.

As for stabilizing prices of rubbing alcohol and other disinfectants, supermarket operators said that there is already a nationwide price freeze imposed by the Department of Trade and Industry that they have been observing. (Eleanor Valeros)