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Sugbo Negosyo second round to be launched soon  
By: Mylen P. Manto | Published Monday, March 29, 2021

Cebuanos wanting to jump-start their own businesses with the help of the Cebu Provincial Government have something to look forward to as the second round of Sugbo Negosyo will be rolled out soon. 

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia announced during her Facebook live on Thursday, March 24 that the Province of Cebu will allocate another P100 million to help enterprising Cebuanos recover from the effects of the pandemic. 

Launched last year, the Sustainable Upliftment and Growth through Business Opportunities (Sugbo) Negosyo is an economic assistance program of the Cebu provincial government aimed at funding micro and small businesses that have suffered losses due to the pandemic.  

Considered a first in the country, it is a full grant program spearheaded by Garcia in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI). 

“We are already planning for the next round. Another hundred million will be poured, atong ibubo sa ekonomiya sa Probinsya sa Sugbo,” Governor Garcia said. 

“Daghan kaayong nangutana kanus-a ang next round. Tentatively we might start by July. We will soon give you more definite dates,” she added. 

Garcia said that as the first round of Sugbo Negosyo is about to end, she together with the Sugbo Negosyo Core Group, is now focusing on accrediting the legitimate, reputable, and credible suppliers or merchants. 

Beneficiaries of the Sugbo Negosyo have until March 31 to withdraw their respective coupons. Instead of cash, beneficiaries use a digital voucher to purchase goods and materials.  

Garcia disclosed that as of March 24, 2021, of the P100 million allocated for the Sugbo Negosyo round one, 98.73 percent has already been disbursed of. 

The Sugbo Negosyo program has three categories. Category A or “Negosyong Padayonon” is for established micro-enterprises that need recovery assistance and enhancement. They will receive goods, equipment, or raw materials worth P50,000. 

Category B or “Produktong Sugbuanon” is intended for aspiring micro-entrepreneurs who want to engage in manufacturing or processing of products. They will receive goods, equipment, or raw materials worth P20,000. 

Category C or “Mga Serbisyo ug Ginagmayng Patigayon” is for those who are engaged in trading or delivery of services. They will receive goods, equipment, or raw materials worth P10,000. 

Success story 

The governor said that one of the success stories of Sugbo Negosyo is that of a fish vendor, a beneficiary of the program’s Category C or “Mga Serbisyo ug Ginagmayng Patigayon” worth P10,000, who was able to set aside P30,000. 

“These are success stories. Ginagmay pero heartwarming. Kada Sugbuanon nga naapil niini makaingun nga iyang natagaan og importansya ang pagtabang sa kaugalingon,” Garcia said. 

The governor emphasized that the Cebu Provincial Government is always willing to help those who help themselves. 

"Barog, lihuk, paningkamot, nia ang provincial government nga muaalalay," she said.  

"Kani di mani nila bayran, kani atong gihatag dili cash but coupons-redeemable coupons. Di ni nila bayran og balik but at least ang among expectation nga sa atong gihatag ilang mapadako, mutubo and in so doing makatabang sa ilang kaugalingon," she added. 

Garcia thanked the MCCI and DTI-7 for partnering with the Cebu Provincial Government as well as those working on the ground, Vice Governor Hilario Davide III, the Provincial Board members and their respective staff. (Mylen Manto)